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EVONTA-Service GmbH
Bautzner Landstraße 45
01454 Radeberg

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EVONTA-Service GmbH – Company portrait

EVONTA-Service GmbH develops, produces and operates electronic seed treatment systems. These provide a quick, safe and environmentally friendly means of getting rid of plant pathogens without using expensive chemicals. The process is well-known as brand e-ventus® and as electron seed treatment too.

Founded in 2009, EVONTA-Service GmbH initially specialised in seed treatment services. The company operated the pilot plant WESENITZ 2 for renowned companies successfully in seed production till 2017. In early 2014 EVONTA began developing its new ‘e-3 technology’, for which international patents have been granted (EP 2 854 497; US 9,736,977). This step marked the completion of EVONTA's transition to a high-tech company and specialist machinery manufacturer. In the coming years the company plans to accelerate growth at its Radeberg site and expand R&D, manufacturing and sales. EVONTA-Service GmbH is managed by owners Dr. Olaf Röder (CEO) and Mathias Kotte (CTO).

e-ventus Saatgutbeizung

Environmentally friendly seed treatment with electrons – e-ventus® seed dressing

e-ventus® seed dressing is a new, efficient method to fight plant diseases. Before sowing, the seed is carefully cleaned as hitherto and then freed of any adherent Pathogens by highly effective e-ventus® procedure. The principle is based on the effect of low-energy electrons. We do not use any chemical agent.

e-ventus® seed dressing is recommended for conventionelly and organic seed.

The excellent efficacy of e-ventus® seed dressing is proved against micro-fungi as well as bacteria and viruses. As chemical agents are not used, no impurities remain on the seed.

e-ventus® seed dressing is proved and tested for years. It is also known as electron treatment, electron dressing or e-dressing. Since 2002, several thousand tons of e-ventus® seed are used by farmers and horticulturists throughout Europe. The technology has been developed in co-operation with the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.


  • assured effect
  • faster germination and better plant vitality
  • no pollution by chemical dressing dust
  • no development of pathogenic resistance
  • useable for all seed sorts
  • recommended for conventional and organic agriculture
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